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Representing Distinctive Artists

Afsoon Hamid is represented by Incantess Press.  It is our mission to represent the best writing talent.  Spotlighting her collection of paintings, poems, and essays, we present to you Midlife Alongside the Swaying Elm:



And coming soon:

Dingdong Yoga

Maggie is done with high school and her days as an outcast.  On her own now, one big priority is getting in shape.  How?  By delving into the wild and magical world of yoga.  Maggie’s introduction to yoga is exciting and a bit comical - the sort of comedy she generated in high school, when she was trying to find her own way in life.  

Incantess Press is reached through each artist's personal site, like this one.  Please use the Contact Us button to reach Incantess Press for all public speaking, press, and publicity inquiries for Afsoon Hamid.  
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